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160km of groomed trails to enjoy!


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Welcome to Riverside Snowmobile Club

Located in South Eastern Ontario, between Cornwall and Brockville, Riverside Snowmobile Club operates approx 160km of OFSC prescribed trails. Snowmobilers will enjoy a wide variety of terrain, ranging from tight and twisty forest trails to wide open farm land and power line corridors. Some of the most scenic vistas and wildlife in Eastern Ontario can be enjoyed from Riverside trails. In addition, there is easy trail access to accommodations, meals/snacks, fuel and service at many points in the Riverside system.

In common with all Riverside trails is the excellent condition of our trails. The club supports a goal of grooming the entire trail system 1.5-2 times per week with the more heavily used trails with higher frequency. Our grooming team, led by Gerry Gurnhill, operate a Prinoth Husky and a BR-180 with MTN drags and keep our trails in optimal condition. Trail signage is a priority to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all snowmobiler. You will find a large map board with mileages to key services at every major intersection in our network.

Riverside Snowmobile Club maintains its club house right on Top A104 between Ingleside and Morrisburg, in the village of Riverside. The club house is open 24/7 during the season and the heat is on every weekend. The club holds a weekly breakfast and monthly fun nights. See the Events page for all the details. Visitors to Riverside are encouraged to stop by and sign our Guest Book.

Founded in 1973 by a small group of enthusiasts led by Dave Smith, Riverside Snowmobile Club has grown to its current membership of over 300 members. An active volunteer base ensures that each visitor to the Riverside system has a safe and enjoyable time. Anyone who has some free time and would like to help out is encouraged to visit the Volunteer page and complete your information. We have something to meet anyone's skills and interests.

Ride Safely & Responsibly

Our Mission Statement

The Riverside Snowmobile Club seeks to preserve and improve snowmobiling in our community. Our Club, in conjunction with the Upper Canada Snowmobile Region and our neighboring clubs, work towards improving the trails and services for riders. We interact with our gracious landowners to ensure that our trails remain both safe and accessible to the public.

We are dedicated to providing a fun and safe environment for snowmobile enthusiasts to get together; both on the trail, and off at our various social gatherings throughout the year.

We do our part to make the "Trail System" what it is today - kms of gorgeous, safe, and fun recreation for the whole family.


2022/2023 Club Executive

President - Les Johnston
Vice President - Rodney VanAllen
Secretary - Amanda Barclay
Treasurer - John Boals
Trail Boss - Gerry Gurnhill
Signage Coordinator - Cole Veinotte
Social Director - Barb Rabideau
Trail Patrol - Peter Asquini

2022/2023 Meeting Dates

Held at the Club House, 13125 Riverside Dr, Morrisburg. on the first Wednesday of the month 7:00pm
Oct 5, 2022
Nov 2, 2022
Dec 7, 2022
Jan 4, 2023
Feb 1, 2023
Mar 1, 2023
Apr 5, 2023

2022/2023 Club Events

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  • The Club House

    The Club House is located on trail A104, approx 1km east of the intersection with trail E105. When trails are closed, the club house is accessible from the Riverside Community Centre on Riverside Dr. Parking is available at the community centre and the club house is located approx 100 meters north of the centre.

    The club house is our focal point for club activities such as our monthly meetings or club breakfasts. The club house is also open to all riders who need a break and a place to warm up when trails are open. See the events page for a complete list of events for this season.

    Visitors are encouraged to sign the guest book inside. In addition, all snowmobilers are welcome to join any of our club functions.

    GPS Location: 44º56'09''N 75º07'40''W

    kms of OFSC Trails
    Hours of Volunteering/season


    A few images of our trails.
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    Driver Training

    Get Your Snowmobile Licence Today!

    Learn the Right Way.

    The OFSC Driver Training Course is designed to emphasize the safe operation of a motorized snow vehicle. During the course, students will:

    • Learn safe riding techniques and tips
    • Learn how to prevent problems and avoid environmental hazards
    • Review Motorized Snow Vehicle Laws
    • Observe practical video demonstrations
    • Gain confidence and a safety focused attitude.
    • The course material has been approved by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation and successful completion is required in order to obtain the Motorized Snow Vehicle Operators Licence.
    Course Requirements:
    • Students must be at least 12 years of age as at the date of the course. Proof of Age (Birth Certificate) must be presented at course registration.
    • For more info go to


    Become a Volunteer!

    Next to trails, people are the greatest asset of any snowmobile club. Grassroots snowmobiling in Ontario is built on volunteer service from many folks in the community just like you.

    In fact, since trail permit revenues fall short of paying all the costs associated with groomed trails, it is only through volunteers donating their time, expertise, labour, tools or materials that your club can continue to meet the ever increasing demands of organized snowmobiling.

    If you think you might like to get involved and help us maintain the trails in our region please complete the following form!

    Day Phone:
    Evening/Home Phone Number:
    Your Address:
    I prefer to be contacted:
    When can you volunteer?
    What level of involvement?

    Check all that you are most interested in helping with:

    Outdoor Work
    Trail Patrol Program
    Volunteer Development and Training
    Financial Committee Work
    Special Events
    Raffle Ticket Sales
    Creative Tasks
    Public Relations and Marketing
    Additional Comments?

    Send Request:

    So if you care about great trails, please consider giving a few hours of your time to your local club as it will make all the difference on the snow.
    • Make new friends and trail companions
    • Enjoy volunteering as a family activity
    • Get outdoors for exercise and fresh air
    • Manage a program, project, or event Learn new skills or use your talents
    • Be involved in safety and environment programs
    • Preserve the sport for future generations
    • Help control the cost of trail permits

    2022/2023 Trail Permits

    OFSC Fees for 2022/2023

    Permit Type Date of Purchase Fee*  
    Seasonal Full $280.00  
      by Dec 1 $230.00  
      by Nov 1 $200.00  
    Classic Full $190.00  
      by Dec 1 $160.00  
    *Seasonal & Classic permits subject to a $7.50 processing fee.
    Terms and conditions available at

    2023 Interactive TRAIL GUIDE

    Tap or Click here for INTERACTIVE TRAIL GUIDE


    Respect Their Land

    Most snowmobilers don't think about where snowmobile trails come from in the first place. Trails are not preordained or legislated or a God-given right. Mostly, snowmobile trails exist because someone has said "yes".

    Frequently, that someone is a private landowner whose property is situated where a snowmobile club desires to place a trail. Clubs must obtain permission from the landowner to cross their property. Normally, for a designated narrow strip of land, to be used only in the winter by snowmobiles with valid Snowmobile Trail Permits.

    If enough landowners say "no", either to a new trail or to the renewal of an existing one, it could threaten the existence of the provincial system we enjoy today. Think about it: snowmobiling in some areas could return to the dark ages where there were no linkages to other networks and regions, only the ability to ride around on local loops.

    So what can the ordinary snowmobiler do to help clubs keep trails in place?

  • Stay on the trail
  • Leave the Stakes Intact
  • Leave Gates and Fences Alone
  • Use Only For Snowmobiles
  • Use Only in the Winter
  • Use Only When the Trail is Open
  • Respect the Landowner

    At last count, Ontario snowmobile clubs reported land use permission with a total of 15,000 private landowners. These owners include farmers, cottagers, hunt camp owners, wood lot operators, absentee landlords, businesses, corporations, and many, many others. They are a diverse group, with many different viewpoints and interests, but all share a love of their land, and a desire to be treated fairly and with respect by the snowmobiling community.

    By designating a specific route across their land the OFSC snowmobiles during the winter, landowners have contributed immeasurably to their local snowmobile clubs and home communities. Landowners who provide consent for the snowmobile club to access their property, will be invited to sign an OFSC Land Use Permission Form. This form outlines the obligations of the snowmobile club to the landowner. When it is signed, the insurer for the OFSC agrees to recognize the landowner as an insured by the OFSC's Third Party General Liability Policy for any legal liability claims with respect to the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs. The signed form becomes the landowner's assurance that the trail system on his/her property will be monitored, maintained and groomed by club volunteers. By allowing permission, the snowmobile trail network which also forms part of the OFSC's provincial trail system.
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